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Outreach Services


The Owen County Public Library offers free delivery of materials to Owen County residents unable to visit the library because of age, illness, disability or if you’re a caretaker who is unable to get to the library. Delivery is scheduled according to temporary or long term needs and services are tailored to your personal interests. We strive to offer the same access to information, both recreational and reference, that you would have when visiting the library in person.


What can I check out?

Any material that circulates can be requested through Outreach. You may request specific titles or our staff will be happy to select materials based on your interests. If the library does not own a book you would like to read, we can try to borrow it from another library. Basic reference information is also available by phone, not just to the homebound, but to anyone in the community.


How many items will I receive?

This depends on your preference. Most people find that 4 to 5 items per delivery is enough to keep them engaged. We can adjust the number at any time.


When will I receive them?

Materials are delivered to your door monthly. Mutually convenient delivery times can be arranged.


How do I register for this service?

If you or someone you know could benefit from this service, contact the library at 502-484-3450.


Is there a charge for this service?

Delivery is free, but a fee will be charged to cover any lost or damaged materials.


Related Services

Collections for Institutions:

Library materials are delivered to the nursing home monthly and to the Manor Apartments, Adair Hill Senior Apartments and the Senior Center monthly. These collections are selected and sized with the particular readers in mind.


Book Deposits:

Books deposits are located at the New Liberty Post Office and the Perry Park Post Office and are rotated on a monthly basis.

Collections for the Visually Impaired:

The Kentucky State Library offers materials for the visually impaired through its Federally-funded “Talking Books” program. Recorded books and special players are available to qualifying persons. Call Toll-Free 1-800-372-2968 or visit their website at

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